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It’s the realm of Denims and particularly the Denim shirt which is back from nowhere. If you still don’t have one in the wardrobe its time to do so, because very soon denim shirts will be gone off the shopping shelves before you think of it. It is a worthy addition and an investment to look good. Other type of causal shirts all look alike and strive to look different while denim shirt will bring all the difference to what you wear and how you look in the most elegant manner. Sites like offer the finest choices in denim shirts that is not usually available in retail outlets. Many young people still feel that denim shirts belong to the...

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Fashion this Sumer!

So it’s summer again! Its time your thick, tight woolen wears rests in your wardrobe. Now you know you are shopping for this summer to beat this heavy heat. Of course, you know the you are gonna shop on cottons!! Yes, it is the single lining clothes that would work. But now we are open to humpty number of choices left for us this season. Let me introduce you some of these. Cotton, of course! Linen: Considered as God’s own fabric by the ancient Greeks for its fantastic comfort. Tropical weight wool: Don’t panic, tropical wool is great fabric material for this summer. Some of its properties like being odor resistant, moisture resistant would make you crave for it this...

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It’s the Valentine’s Day once more and love is around the corner. Valentine’s Day is the time for expressing your love in various ways and not only to your lover but people who really matter in your life. What makes the V Day even more glamorous is the dressing up, irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman; it is that season when everybody wants to look good. If someone asked you if Valentine’s Day is colourful, the obvious answer would be a big ‘Yes’, but in your heart of heart you will be thinking that Valentine’s Day is all about Red and Pink! You will not dare to think about anything else, but you are wrong. Valentine’s...

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Brown is a universal colour that appeals to everyone, it is considered to be down-to-earth, serious and stable. It emphasizes physical comfort, simplicity and quality. Who does not like the sensual, sensitive and warm elegance of brown colour and there is no denying that brown appeals more for the men. Brown has a degree of sophistication and elegance especially depending on the other colours it is associated with. Brown colour in combination with soft white or ivory can be especially stylish and classy. At times brown appears more casual in different combinations than black. Fatshop offers you a range of brown shirts for casual wear. Have your pick from men’s checked casual shirt in blue and brown, casual shirt in...

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From the humble beginning of being the preferred attire of the American miners to a world phenomenon in stylish casual wear, the blue denim has come a long, long way. If it were the blue jeans that took us by storm a few decades ago, it is the elegantly casual look of hot and manly denim shirts that has taken the front stage for the past few years. Fatshop brings a fresh approach to denim shirts with a foray into every possibility of men’s shirts. It is a rhapsody in blue denim shirts with innumerable choice of designs and styles for you to choose from.  The range of casual shirts include the finest casual denim shirt, the dotted denim casual...

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