It’s the Valentine’s Day once more and love is around the corner. Valentine’s Day is the time for expressing your love in various ways and not only to your lover but people who really matter in your life. What makes the V Day even more glamorous is the dressing up, irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman; it is that season when everybody wants to look good.

If someone asked you if Valentine’s Day is colourful, the obvious answer would be a big ‘Yes’, but in your heart of heart you will be thinking that Valentine’s Day is all about Red and Pink! You will not dare to think about anything else, but you are wrong. Valentine’s Day is about love and love can be expressed in various ways, even in a multitude of hues. There seems to be a secret regarding colour to wear during this season and only few are in the know how about those secret colour ‘codes’ and what they express. Well, until today only a few knowledgeable lovers knew about these colours but now on everyone will be guided by this all import ‘code’.

Whenever you want to communicate a message without opening your mouth and reach the right person without being lost on the way you take recourse to a ‘code’, similarly the colour ‘code’ will guide all young people and the young at heart, how to make the most of this Valentine’s Day and capture the imagination of your loved ones.

Your Dress and Colours

You love your style and would dress up in only the colours you always liked; well this will do for the rest of the year but not on Valentine’s Day. On the V Day you have to follow the colour ‘code’ which will be revealed to you in this article and stay ahead of the game by expressing yourself the best way. Each colour of the spectrum starting ofcourse with the blues, the reds, the white and the blacks have a meaning to convey and wearing one of this is entirely left to you based on what is it that you want to convey on Valentine’s Day.

The Colour ‘Code’ for 14th February

Here is your secret guide to the colour ‘code’ that will make you the most expressive person on the planet, this Valentine’s Day.

Colours & Colour ‘Code’

Here is the complete guide to colours and what they mean (the code)

  1. BLUE Dress – Open for love (applications invited)
  2. Green Dress – I am still waiting
  3. Red Dress – Already in love
  4. Black Dress – Love rejected/love failure
  5. White Dress – Sorry, I am in a relationship
  6. Orange Dress – In the process of proposing love
  7. Pink Dress – A proposal has been accepted
  8. Yellow Dress – The relationship has broken
  9. Brown Dress – This is a broken heart

Guys, think deeply about your situation, choose the right colour from above and then proceed to make the most of this Valentine’s Day. Fatshop is out at the forefront of dressing you up for this Valentine’s Day in your choicest colours and ofcourse in styles that create trends over and again.

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